1. Join the team helping small businesses stay in business.

    There is a new way to transfer risk for 21st century businesses. We’re quickly scaling a software development innovation team in a global insurance company to turn the insurance paradigm on its head.

    Now accepting inquiries for a fall 2016 start date.

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  2. Start-up culture.

    End-up infrastructure.

    Prove that the principles of lean-startups, when applied to a prestigious global company, can accelerate our pace of change.

    Invent new categories of business and build digital bridges to existing and future products. Accelerate the technology ecosystem of a global company from the inside out, while producing ideas that have a meaningful impact on the daily lives of millions.

  3. Digital Team

    Inspired by Spotify’s squads, you’ll join the founding members of an NYC-based innovation team – squads composed of Product Owners, Designers, Engineers and supported by stakeholders throughout the business. Squads are located in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood with one mission: turn the insurance paradigm on its head; talk to our large small business customer base, sprint to build new software, identify new categories, and define the way people transfer risk in the 21st century.

  4. What you'll own

    Set the next industry standard for how insurance companies interact with their customers.

    Before the dawn of everything internet, insurance was intimate and personal. You walked down the street to chat with your broker and the risk to your business, your livelihood, was covered with a handshake. Today is different. The average insurance policy for a mom+pop store’s trades through a dozen different hands and traverses a maze of systems and processes. Few are accountable and fewer know the whole story.

    Today, the trend toward digital seemed to have made things worse. Quoting takes forever. Claims feel impersonal. Self service is clunky. It's hard to know who can help in a time of need.

    These are big problems, and we want you to solve them.

    You have the freedom to shape decisions, data, and infrastructure.

  5. Our culture is inspired by a new way of working.

    Today’s fastest growing, most profoundly impactful companies are using a completely different operating model. Your role in the lab will be influenced by elements of culture from companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb, Spotify, Amazon, and Valve.

    We’re hypothesis driven and not solutions looking for problems. We operate as “one-pizza” cross functional teams each focused on one problem at a time iterating until we solve the customer need or pivot into something new from what we’ve learned. We have a large customer base to leverage and do for concept and user testing before we make the bigger investment.

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